Beta 20:

* only reset sound when changing configuration if sound mode, sound card, frequency, channels, or buffer size is changed
* 5.1 sound settings now also send mixed sound to center and LFE channel (mixing volume may need adjusting, please test)
* superhires sprites in doublescan mode had halved horizontal resolution
* power led fade support (very crappy)
* possible fix to random joystick/mouse switch crash
* programmed resolutions (doublescan) are now horizontally centered
* right side max sprite clipping position was incorrect
* D3D/OGL filters do not crash anymore but still do not work as expected..
* added Amiga-side uae.resource, safe method to find "uae rom" base and other information. Version of resource is UAEVERSION.UAEREVISION NOTE: in compatible modes resource may not be available. Check sources for more information.