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    That does sound a good price. It is about what we normally pay for a holiday each, so for that price combined would be great value.

    We were actually considering a holiday to what we call the "Portuguese Riviera". So it is definitely of interest.

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    i did a quick serch:

    in IBIS in the end of June, you can get a room for 45 euros a day...
    It's in a good location, between Estoril (Palacio Hotel) and Lisbon.

    10km to Lisbon
    +/- 6km to Estoril

    If you rent a car you can get anywhere fast

    but with a better search maybe you can get even better places

    Nice hotels very near the beach and tranportations.

    from 55 euros a day (June) you can get a very cool hotel in Estoril, less then 100 meters from the beach, less then 100 meters from train (go to lisbon)
    you can travel from Estoril to Lisbon by train (1,5 euros) takes 25 minutes.
    subway in Lisbon is less then 1,2 euros a trip, with a week pass is even cheap

    Just tell me if you really interested, i can book you the hotel or any other think

    Several hotels (big list) all in Estoril area
    the first page is in portuguese, but after chosing a hotel is in english
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