Next full MAME release:

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
01743: [Sound] anteater: Music is really loud and clips (Aaron Giles)
01770: [Misc.] hanayara, mjangels, mjcomv1, mjreach, quiztvqq, tenkai,
tenkaibb, tenkaicb, yarunara: msm6242 device assert (Duke)
01778: [Sound] all sets in m62.c driver: low ay8910 volume
(Aaron Giles)
01771: [Misc.] arescue, f1en: space_map_range errors (Aaron Giles)
01772: [Misc.] daireika: space_map_range assertion (Aaron Giles)
01773: [Misc.] steelta1, steeltag, steeltal, steeltap: space_map_range
error (Aaron Giles)
01774: [Misc.] racedcb4, racedcg4, racedrc1, racedrc2, racedrc4,
racedrcb, racedrcg, racedrvc: space_map_range error
(Aaron Giles)
01775: [Misc.] newtangl, troangel: Crash with Access Violation
01767: [Sound] Various neodrvr.c games: Various sound effects broken
01769: [Sound] All games using YM2610: SSG volume more than 1.0 causes
no audio output. (couriersud)

Source Changes
Added video enable/disable feature in m90 driver. [robiza]

Fixed ROZ centering in namcona1 driver [Phil Stroffolino]

Added extra tile banking and layer enable for denjinmk.
[David Haywood]

Fixed an envelope corner case in the SCSP and AICA. [kingshriek]

Removed bogus assertion in device code - DEVICE_TYPE_WILDCARD is NULL.
[Nathan Woods]

Added xchg and a few other missing opcodes to x86emit.h. [Aaron Giles]

Added -watchdog to runtest.cmd. [Aaron Giles]

Verified clocks on Bomberman pcb which runs on M90 hardware.
[Corrado Tomaselli]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Paparazzi [Tomasz Slanina]

New clones added
Touchmaster 7000 V8.04 [Brian Troha]
Megatouch III Tournament Edition [Hugh McLenaghan]
Megatouch III [Mariusz Wojcieszek]
Heated Barrel (World version 3) [Tomasz Slanina]
Raiden 2 (set 7) [Tomasz Slanina]