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    Quiz 5 results

    Here are the results for Quiz 5 by v85rawdeal.

    note: you can only see these results if you have completed the quiz.
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    The answers to the quiz are:-
    Q1. A full blown shoot-em-up taking you through several levels where you will take command of first a jeep, then a helicopter and finally on foot.
    A: Army Moves

    Q2. Another time, another place, created from the deep dark subconscious of the mind where the forces of good and evil are locked in eternal combat.
    A: Netherworld

    Q3. It's 1984 and Los Angeles prepares for the Olympic summer games. The dignitaries and celebrities prepare their speeches, ready for the huge crowds, who are expected to attend.
    A: Bad Cat

    Q4. The most realistic football game ever produced for your computer. Play in a full-scale eleven-a-side football game complete with sliding tackles, throw-ins, corners, goal kicks, fouls and even the dreaded referee with his red card.
    A: Gary Lineker's Hot Shot

    Q5. The adventure begins when **** *********, super hero and part time stamp collector is in dire peril. Armed only with his trusty six shooter, a stick and some dynamite, **** ********* crash lands somewhere in South America.
    A: Rick Dangerous

    Q6. ******* is back at Drill and feeling very pleased with himself. Unfortunately, the rest of his fellow Drillians are not quite so happy. In fact they are green (and slimy) with envy.
    A: Gilbert, Escape From Drill

    Q7. The air swarms with enemy aircraft. Dice with death as you light your burners and head for the skies. Success depends on making the right moves - fast.
    A: F15 Strike Eagle II

    Q8. A hero is coming from the south who will conquer the four kings of this sorely troubled land. And amidst the bloodshed and magic, the clash of shield and the glint of steel, the seeds of peace will be sown. When the battle is over a new age begins.
    A: Battlemaster

    Q9. Your father's been murdered, your peasants are in revolt, and your wife's run off with your best friend - the King's brother. Quite possibly the best news you've had for some time.
    A: Betrayal

    Q10. You'll need imagination, skill, daring... and, err... 100 for a 1Meg machine. 100 is the estimated cost to upgrade your Amiga or ST from 512k to 1mb.
    A: The Immortal

    Q11. Rubble, ashes, misery, destruction, armed thugs, powerful criminals, mad scientists, depraved murderers... And a man: Jungle Rogers, boss of the urban jungle. When there's nothing else worth fighting for, you have to fight for your life.
    A: After The War

    Q12. For mysterious reasons, dead people come back to life to feed themselves on the flesh of human beings. The Earth is inhabited by millions of zombies, who are spreading terror, and by gangs of hooligans, who are ready to do anything to survive.
    A: Zombi

    Q13. You're the inheritor of this mysterious pleasure dome - only you can find the answer. Step through the creaking turnstile, board the mystery train and experience a fantastic journey through four entirely different zones.
    A: Theme Park Mystery

    Q14. Legend tells of the evil three headed Morgul and his power over the fears and nightmares of darkness itself ... It also tells of his death. But nightmares have returned to cloud man's existance and once again fear reigns.
    A: Turrican

    Q15. Be as mean as them and match force with force, or be more cunning, play Mr Nice Guy and win over the villagers. By doing so you not only swell your numbers, but keep your larders stocked, which is essential in ensuring the loyalty of your army.
    A: Powermonger

    Q16. Blast armoured drones and Mag Cycles out of your way and hit the boost pads for massive injections of speed. These catapult you to warp speeds - so fast that you appear transparent and can even pass through enemy vehicles unharmed.
    A: S.T.U.N. Runner

    Q17. In 1972, the USAF launched Operation Linebacker, US forces and their South Vietnamese allies are locked in a life and death struggle with the fanatical North Vietnamese Army. You must stem the tide of the North Vietnamese offensive by cutting its vital lifeline to its front line troops.
    A: Flight Of The Intruder

    Q18. Match up the 2 patterns of stones on the screen - special combinations give bonuses and secret levels. Succeed within the time limit and gorgeous girls will lead you to the next tantalising level.
    A: Gem'X

    Q19. Deep in Earth City, plans have been made to explore space again. The race has started to develop Earth's resources, to research new technology, to build for future adventures.
    A: Deuteros

    Q20. It's time once again to don your dented helmet, tie your sweaty breechcloth, sharpen your rusting sword and move your big feet in the direction of danger.
    A: Barbarian II

    And the scores are currently...

     TehoHarrisonJ T 
    Q. 01    
    Q. 02 25  
    Q. 03    
    Q. 04    
    Q. 05 252525 
    Q. 06 25  
    Q. 07    
    Q. 08    
    Q. 09    
    Q. 10    
    Q. 11 2525  
    Q. 12 2525 
    Q. 13    
    Q. 14 2525  
    Q. 15    
    Q. 16 2525  
    Q. 17 25  
    Q. 18 25 
    Q. 19 25  
    Q. 20 2525  

    Will post the answers when the quiz has ended.
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