Beta 11:

Picasso96 rewrite finished, bug fixes remaining..

- uaegfx.card is now WinUAE built-in, libsicasso96/uaegfx.card is not needed anymore (and is ignored if it exists)
- resolution names in display preferences are now named "UAE:x" instead of "uaegfx:x"
- added new Picasso96 options to GUI
- 24-bit display depth Picasso96 blitter routines implemented/updated
- added all Picasso96 supported color depth modes, defaults are old standard PC modes (palette mode, R5G6B5PC and B8G8R8A8)
* only one 8-bit,15/16-bit, 24-bit and 32-bit mode supported simultaneously
* All "new" modes require color space conversion = slower.
* Not all mode color space conversions yet supported (black screen)
* Can be useful with old RTG compatible demos or games that require specific "non-pc" display color modes
- added "Display buffer" option to misc-panel (stored to registry)
- "FS" scale setting is now the default
- refresh whole screen using very optimized routine if >80% of Picasso96 screen needs refreshing (faster than partial update)
- Marvinīs Marvellous Adventure clouds/score interference fixed (It was really stupid bug, can only happen with AGA sprites)
- Skid Marks hires mode car sprite problem fixed (b10)