Beta 10 (Build 2008.03.24):

and another Picasso96 speed test version.. Perhaps this one is faster in very high resolutions.

- MOVEM is not weird in debugger anymore
- JIT RAM allocation failure path fixed (if Z3+RTG RAM fails to allocate, lower amount of RAM automatically and try again)
- limit internal sprite resolution to current display resolution (setting in display panel), should improve performance slightly in AGA modes if lots of sprites are used and display isnīt shres
- harddrive detection crash if returned STORAGE_DEVICE_DESCRIPTOR was shorter than expected
- disable hardware sprite if uaegfx.card is old version without hardware sprite support and devs:monitors/info has softsprite=no
- adjusted DirectDraw surface allocation parameters, perhaps helps with P96Speed differences
- added -ddforcemode command line parameter, if you have slow P96Speed results compared to 1.4.6, try mode values from 1 to 3 and report results.

EDIT: it is -ddforcemode