Build 2008.03.22:

More Picasso96 speed testing..

Run attached test version with following command line parameters and check p96speed results (RectFill() test is good enough, no need to run other tests)

and without parameter
also compared with 1.4.6 if possible.

(frameskip setting is now ignored again)

(Build 2008.03.21)

P96 speed test version attached.

1: make sure Refresh setting in display panel is set to "every frame". Run P96speed. Make sure CPU% meter shows 100% during the test. (if not, CPU Idle setting is badly set) Save test results.

2: set Refresh to "Every tenth frame". Run test again. Compare results. Report differences. (Very small difference? Very big difference?) Compared to 1.4.6?

I only see about max 10% faster speeds with frame skip set.

(Note that hardware sprite always refreshes every frame which may look confusing with frame skip set)

and finally..

Fantastic Dizzy is working perfectly. Its incredibly slow on my machine but its fairly playable using frameskip