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    SP1 for Vista to be released

    M$ have announced the immenent arrival of SP1 for Vista. Whilst improving security and stability of Vista it will probably make even more software not work. Sounds like the policy of give with one hand and take with ten others is still in force at M$.
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    There has been a lot of negativity towards this new service pack as it doesn't really deliver anything new over the original install of Vista, and from the reviews I've read introduces more problems than it is meant to fix.

    But you could argue that M$ are returning their service packs to the original intention of them being a way to deliver all updates and hotfixes in a single package so that systems can be updates in one easy step, as was true of NT4 and Win2000. It was only ever XP service packs that started to become the vehicle for major new features launched into an existing OS, whereas before a new version of the OS would be launched instead to introduce so many additions (as seen in XP SP2).

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