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    Free Space game mods

    As Buleste and me have been discussing the different releases in the mod scene relating to space based games I thought it would be nice to collect all of the different mods together into a single thread for easy access, so that anyone interested in them can take a look and enjoy.

    I've grouped this under the game engine each runs on. Some do need the original game to run as they are still under copyright, whereas others are based on open source engines so everything is included in the mod's installer and is completely standalone.

    Freespace 2 Open Source

    First, for this great space combat simulation we have some great releases from the mod scene based on some of the most popular Sci-Fi series and games. All of these mods are standalone and don't require you to own or have installed the original Freespace 2 game as the source code was later re-released as an updated engine called Freespace 2 Open Source, and many teams of modder have been busy taking advantage of this fact.

    Wing Commander Saga - based on the famous series of games, this recreates the Wing Commander universe inside the FS2:OS engine, creating a game that is more tactical and realistic in terms of physics than any of the original games did due to their arcade approach to space combat.

    The Babylon 5 Project - based on the popular Babylon 5 series universe, this features combat from the seat of a Star Fury fighter.

    This site contains many projects based on this project. Each offering a set of missions or whole campaigns. One is even madly trying to recreate all of the episodes for he 5 TV series as playable episodes!

    You can download the current Babylon 5 base 3.4b installer from here.

    This is then installed and used to run its own campaign, or to load the additional missions available for download from the main B5 Project site.

    BSG: Beyond the Red Line - Anyone who is a fan of the new BattleStar Galactica will know the meaning behind the title of this mod. This game is still in development, but you can already download and play a demo version of the code, and it already looks really nice, and plays exceptionally well, with very well made models and great voice acting that shames most commercial releases.

    To install this you first need to download the main demo from here. And then install it. You then need to download the updated patch updater from here. Extract the files from the patch updater and copy them into your installed directory of the main demo, overwriting any files as it asks. Once complete you need to run the updater and let it update the demo to the latest Patch 2 level. Then you can run and enjoy the game. It is worth the effort.

    HomeWorld 2

    This sequel to one of the most famous Space RTS game ever made wasn't received quite as well as the original from its fans, but it was still an amazing game and in my view just as good as the original. You will need to own the original Homeworld 2 game in order to run the mods available for it.

    Battlestar Galactica Fleet Commander - This is another mod based on the new BSG series. This time built on the HW2 engine, so we get a full BSG RTS to play with.

    Babylon 5 Total Conversion
    - Sadly this mod is no longer in development and appears to have ceased in 2001 when it's developer went back to university. It is still meant to work well and be great fun to play though so hopefully it should please any B5 fans out there.

    And that is it for the moment. If you know of any great space based mods please post them here with links and details.
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    For more B5 game news and some other interesting info go here. or go here for another B5 game.
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