This 3 part TV movie/mini-series was aired on the Sci-Fi channel over the past few weeks. I stumbled across the first part by accident and was quickly interested.

The first part was great, with Ron Perlman playing a great psycho cop. Definitely had some elements of Texas Chainsaw Massacre in his character.

Sadly by the third part I was quickly losing interest. The one thing I hate about some Stephen King stories is when he uses religion. And this was no different with the most annoying kid supposedly getting messages from god to direct them on their path to salvation! Oh dear! Needless to say the ending was all too easy and obvious. A bit of a shame as it had some good actors and a promising start.

Has anyone else seen this mini-series? And what did you think of it?

I've not read the original book, but from the Wiki page is says the film stills very closely to the original, mostly because the adaptation was written by King himself. For this reason I probably won't bother reading it now.