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    MAME v123

    Next MAME release:


    MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
    taito_f3.c0122u8red [Aaron Giles]
    dubugchunklength0122u7gre [Aaron Giles]
    m62.c0122u7yel [Aaron Giles]
    qix.c0122u8red [Atari Ace]
    yard.c0122u7yel [Aaron Giles]

    Source Changes
    Fixed crash in debugcmt with starting with no game on the command-line.
    [Andrew Gardner]

    Fixed PSR transfers in the ARM7 core. [R. Belmont]

    Fixed regression in cpu_spinuntil* calls that broke a number of games.
    [Aaron Giles]

    Fixed ADPCM in m62 games. Did some additional cleanup. [Aaron Giles]

    Fixed palette gradient for promutrv. [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

    Fixed watchdog behavior when not explicitly specified. [Aaron Giles]

    Fixed sprite placement again in chinagat driver. [Aaron Giles]

    Fixed incorrect default screen siz

    New clones added
    Vs. Janshi Brandnew Stars (MegaSystem32 Version) [David Haywood]


    MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
    stadhero0122u3gra [RansAckeR]
    wboy3_0119u3gra [RansAckeR]
    zerohour0122u6gra [RansAckeR]
    strahl0122u6yel [Mamesick]
    cmv801_0116gra [RansAckeR]

    Source Changes
    Added deprecat.h that contains some deprecated/discouraged contructs.
    The idea is to create extra work if a driver wants to use these and
    hopefully gives an incentive to look for an alternate solution. Added
    #include of deprecat.h that rely on these contructs. Removed a bunch
    of unneccassary #include´s from these files. [Zsolt Vasvari]

    Simplified Star Fire driver. [Zsolt Vasvari]

    drawgfx changes: [Zsolt Vasvari]
    - Removed copybitmap_remap and copyscrollbitmap_remap, neither which
    was used by anybody
    - Removed some obsolete commented out code
    - Fixed up some comments
    - Removed TRANSPARENCY_NONE case from copybitmap_core, which can
    never happen
    as an option to copybitmap. Source tree needs to be recompiled
    as the transparancy mode enum has changed.
    TRANSPARENCY_PEN_TABLE_RAW as they were no longer used.
    - Changed copybitmap and copyscrollbitmap. There are now 2 versions
    of each, one without and with transparency.

    Fixed crash in masao. [couriersud]

    Corrected previous i0851 timer fix to use more accurate IE SFRs.
    [Jim Stolis]

    jedi.c updates: [Zsolt Vasvari]
    - Changed video code to directly manipulate the game bitmap
    - Background smoothing now happens at the same time as the background
    is drawn

    Fixed the CPS driver to at least display the correct clock in the
    driver info, by degrading the clock through alternate means.
    [David Haywood]

    m62.c changes: [couriersud]
    * fixed wrong resistor value (22K to 2.2K) - verified on spelunkr
    and kidniki hires pcb pictures
    * Changed resistor network calculation based on assumption that cs
    line is active either on tiles or sprites color prom.

    Simplified the video code for crgolf. [Zsolt Vasvari]

    Added PCB layouts for Penguin Bros & Puzzle De Bowling based on
    Hi-res pics. Corrected the seta2.c 68301 base clock as 50MHz / 3
    (16.66666MHz) as all the Seta2 hardware has a 50MHz OSC. Secondary OSC
    are for other chips (28MHz and or 32.53047MHz). [Brian Troha]

    Simplified video code and adjusted some set names in the leland
    driver. [Zsolt Vasvari]

    Replaced tables with equations in the Sega C2 driver.
    [Nicola Salmoria]

    Added checks for CROSS_BUILD=1 to omit building m68kmake.exe,
    verinfo.exe, png2bdc.exe and file2str. Enables building mame using
    mingw on linux. [couriersud]

    Various Irem driver updates: [Aaron Giles]
    * Properly tagged m52 and m62 sound boards, plus variants.
    * Updated all connected drivers.
    * Merged memory maps.
    * Proper video timing in 10 yard fight.
    * Converted troangel to tilemaps.
    * Moved definitions to header files.
    * Updated mpatrol, yard to use resnet for colors.
    * Renamed mpatrol -> m52
    * Renamed troangel -> m57
    * Renamed yard -> m58

    Cleaned up 20pacgal driver, including driver state. Tried improving
    on the ROM mirroring, without any success. [Zsolt Vasvari]

    Removed colortables from a number of drivers, as part of a larger
    move to phase out old-style colortables: gotya, gyruss, ampoker,
    circusc, clshroad, champbas, 1943, lucky8, olibochu, yamato,
    appoooh, bking, bladestl, blueprnt, carpolo, centiped, cop01,
    cosmic, ddrible, irobot, ace, alpha68k, arabian, bfm_sc2, carjmbre,
    cclimber, cherrym2, combatsc, contra, fastlane, hcastle, labyrunr,
    cham24, multigam. [Zsolt Vasvari]

    Removed non-existent, second M6295 from Hit the Ice. Fixes missing
    sounds (e.g. team select screen). Hit the Ice/Violence Fight now
    share the same sound CPU memory maps. [Philip Bennett]

    Improved DIP switches according to manuals for the following drivers:
    wboy, chplft, extdwnhl, zingzip, zaxxon, congo, vanguard, zarzon,
    nibbler, segag80r.c, yard, kaneko16.c. [RansAckeR]

    Verified the sound roms for Rock´n 3 and added proper names. Added
    PCB layout for sound rom board only. [Brian Troha]

    Cleaned up Time Pilot sound board implementation: [Aaron Giles]
    * full memory maps
    * partial machine driver removes need for replicating filtering logic
    * updated all relevant drivers

    Cleaned up Time Pilot and Tutankham drivers: [Aaron Giles]
    * correct clocks where possible
    * merged memory maps
    * fully decoded memory maps
    * replaced hacky sprite rendering in Time Pilot with partial updates
    * save state support
    * removed Power Surge kludge, replaced with unmapped handler control
    * Tutankham runs at 60fps, with IRQs every other frame
    * Proper IRQ ack in Tutankham
    * Proper NMI generation in Time Pilot

    Cleaned up pooyan driver. Save states, full memory maps, proper NMI
    generation, etc. Flipped video to align better with Time Pilot.
    [Aaron Giles]

    Changed 6840 interrupt handling to work like the recent 6821 changes.
    Updated MPU4 driver accordingly. Updated Scorpion 2 driver to match
    MPU4 coding style. [James Wallace]

    Resolved all unknown dips in the galpani2 driver according to kaneko´s
    docs, unified memory maps of both CPUs and repositioned a pair of
    graphic ROMS. [Luis Faria]

    Made some minor improvements to 1942.c & 1943.c DIPs. Improved
    segas16a.c, segas16b.c & system16.c DIPs and added DIP locations
    from manuals. [RansAckeR]

    Removed distinction between *_gettotalcycles() and
    *_gettotalcycles64(). All functions now return 64-bit results. Updated
    all call sites appropriately. [Aaron Giles]

    Further improvements to SCSP FM. [kingshriek]

    Moved cpu_getiloops() and cpu_scalebyfcount() to deprecat.h. Added
    #include "deprecat.h" where necessary to make this happen. Cleaned up
    cpuexec.c/.h to latest core style. Cleaned up implementation of
    extended INP header in inptport.c. Removed external access to
    cycles_currently_ran(). Replaced use of cycles_currently_ran() in
    v9938 code with mame_rand(), since that is effectively the same thing.
    [Aaron Giles]

    Added dip locations to about half the games in seta.c. [Brian Troha]

    Removed champbas color PROM. Now uses TRANSPARENCY_PENS instead of
    TRANSPARENCY_COLOR. Hooked up palette bank selector from schematics,
    though I am not sure if it is actually used by the code. Changed set
    names to match title screen, which is why baseball is spelt as
    "Base Ball". [Zsolt Vasvari]

    Some minor cleanup to the equites driver, including memory map
    merging. [Aaron Giles]

    Added new option VIDEO_UPDATE_SCANLINE, which cases VIDEO_UPDATE to
    be called for every visible scanline. Removed manual implementation
    of this in timeplt, in favor of using the new flag. There are
    probably many more drivers that can leverage this. [Aaron Giles]

    Added stream_get_sample_rate(), stream_get_time(), and
    stream_get_sample_period(). These functions are not really tested yet
    -- make sure they give reasonable results when first used! Updated
    streams.h header to latest core style. [Aaron Giles]

    Fixed reset crashes in all Z180 games. Removed the various busy loop
    and non-exact optimzations from the Z180 core. [Zsolt Vasvari]

    Correct colors in Birdie King 3 -- just needed a new dump. Fixed
    incorrect ROM names. Switched color decoding to use the resnet code.
    [Zsolt Vasvari]

    Cleaned up the rockola.c driver. Fixed dip switches for all games.
    Added notes about the games. [stephh]

    Reorganized exidy440 audio code to make it easier to eventually use
    the MC3417/18 emulation directly. Added MC3418 variant support to the
    HC55516 audio code. [Zsolt Vasvari]

    Updated williams driver to use VIDEO_UPDATE_SCANLINE (most bitmap-
    based drivers should.) Converted to 32bpp to catch mid-screen palette
    tweaks. Removed some unnecessary read/write handlers. [Aaron Giles]

    Improved colors in circusc, gyruss, gotya with the resnet code.
    [Zsolt Vasvari]

    Significant improvements to Lock-On. Added POLL input handling to the
    NEC V20/V30 core. [Philip Bennett]

    Changed debugger-related code to be based off a new makefile define
    (DEBUGGER) which sets a new compile-time define (ENABLE_DEBUGGER).
    This means that MAME_DEBUG no longer means "enable debugger", it
    simply enables debugging features such as assertions and debug code
    in drivers. Also removed the various levels of opbase protection in
    memory.h and always just turned on full bounds checking. [Aaron Giles]

    Added some instructions to the H8/30xx CPU: [Luca Elia]
    or.l ERs, ERd
    rotl/shal.l ERd
    not.l/neg.l ERd
    exts.w Rd
    sub/or/xor.l #Imm:32, ERd
    bset/bnot/bclr.b Rn, @ERd
    bst/bist.b #Imm:3, @ERd
    bnot.b #Imm:3, @ERd

    Added H8/3007 & H8/3044 variants with their memory maps. Preliminary
    implementation of the H8/3007 timers. [Luca Elia]

    Added AM_WRITEONLY as a shortcut for AM_WRITE(MWAx_RAM). [Aaron Giles]

    Cleaned up Kangaroo driver: [Aaron Giles]
    * documented MB8841 (needs to be decapped to get code)
    * proper video timing
    * full memory maps
    * simplified and more accurate video logic

    More opcode improvements to Risky Challenge. [robiza]

    Added DIP locations to bking.c [RansAckeR]

    New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
    Wheels Runner [Luca Elia]

    New clones added
    Lock-On (rev. C) [Philip Bennett]
    Progressive Music Trivia (Question set 4) [Andrew Gardner]

    New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
    Puzzlet (Japan) [Luca Elia]
    Galaxy Games BIOS [Andrew Gardner]

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    Wow! Looks like a lot of work has been going on with the code in this release. Not much new or promoted from non working though. Time for another update of the MAME set it seems.

    If you haven't played a classic game in years, it's never too late to start!

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