I know what you mean and agree. Printed Magazines and books will never be fully replaced by digital version as the physical nature of handling them and turning the pages cannot be replaced. Also you can't beat printed pages for quickly scanning content and moving through a book or magazine, although being able to perform word searches on digital versions is a huge bonus, as is the ability to instantly look up the meaning of a word within an ebook on an e-reader.

I also prefer to read magazines in physical form, but prefer to have them in digital form to archive and keep for referring back to later. It is hard to store all the real magazines for reference. I therefore would like to see magazines offering buyers the ability to download a digital version for keeping. Maybe just for subscribers as they could then track who can obtain the digital copies to try and stop people spreading them freely online that can really hurt publishers. If digital copies had a reader's personal subscription ID embedded within it that would help prevent them sharing it online.

One one digital format i think does work well is ebooks. Using a Kindle or similar device to read novels and other text only books is great and easily replaces real books. Where I think it still doesn't work as well is for larger scale reference books with images. I recently got hold of a great Photography book in ebook format, and whilst the text is just as informative and good to read, the book just doesn't work because it has lost its formatting and so I will be buying the original printed version.

I do hate reading on a computer screen, but on portable devices like ebook readers and tablets I think it works well.