Beta 6:

- binary support added to debugger, ´%10101´
- hex/dec/bin converter added to debugger, ´?´ result is 0x, %, and
- all debugger commands which take numeric parameters also accept register names: A0-A7 = RA0-RA7, D0-D7 = RD0-RD7, PC, USP, VBR,..
- debugger number prefixes: hex = 0x or $, bin = %, dec = !. Most command parameters default to hex (addresses) or decimal.
- do not reserve lots of jit direct ram if non-jit compatible cpu
- logitech lcd dfx/cpu/fps counter leading zeros removed (I have G15 again, updated revision this time)
- some incorrect Quickstart RTC configurations fixed
- keyboard reset warning feature emulated and added to advanced chipset panel. Reset warning information: Reset warning sequence is only triggered if Amiga-Amiga-CTRL key sequence pressed and reset warning setting enabled. Or Input panel event "Keycode 0x78 (Reset Warning)" is received. Amiga-Amiga-CTRL-ALT still does instant hardreset. Second Amiga-Amiga-CTRL during reset warning sequence will also cause instant reset. Pre-emptive "bug report": if Amiga-Amiga-CTRL now causes gurus, reset delays or something weird (and does not if reset warning is disabled or GUI Reset-button clicked) you have buggy/badly configured reset handler utility installed. This is Somebody Else´s Problem.
- joystick autoswitch update: firebutton press on non-connected (to emulated Amiga port) joystick AND another joystick already in joystick port (port 1) WITH firebutton pressed = insert new joystick to mouse port

Following can be ignored if you aren´t testing custom ROM images before burning EPROM(s)

- kickstart chipram overlay maps 0xe00000 rom instead of 0xf80000, same with 0xf00000 rom if it begins with 0x1114 (emulates my 1M CDTV EPROM hack..)
- 2M ROM image support. Gayle ROM mapping:
* first 512K bank: E00000-E7FFFF (overlay bank)
* second 512K bank: A80000-AFFFFF
* third 512K bank: B00000-B7FFFF
* fourth 512K bank: F80000-FFFFFF
At least A600 and A1200 have 2MB ROM support but note that A1200 Blizzard accel´s MAPROM feature must be disabled
- cia overlay advanced chipset setting added (Pre-Gayle models use CIA overlay io pin, newer models have overlay logic inside Gayle)
- ROM Mirror advanced chipset setting separated to E0 and A8 ROM banks. (A8-B8 = Gayle feature)