There are lots of ideas on ways we could approach creating a top 100 list.

One method would be to build a voting system on the site so that all games we have in the database could be voted for by all members and visitors. Then the top 100 list would be dynamically created from these site votes.

But allowing everyone to vote on a top 100 out of all games ever released could end in disaster as you will always get some votes for really bad games as some might have only played certain games released on the Amiga. Look at the "most popular games" page on the site already to see that.

I think such a voting system would work better to just allow visitors/members to vote on each game, on a game by game basis. And a top 100 voted games list could then be shown on the site bases on these votes. This is something I will be looking into adding, but I don't think it should be used for our ultimate top 100 list.

I think for a proper classicamiga top 100 games list we should discuss and create it ourselves. I will therefore create a new sub forum in the games section to get this started, and I will also be sending a PM out to all members asking them to put forward their choice of Amiga games to be considered for the final running.