Already a first beta of 1.4.6 has been released.

Basically 1.4.5 fix version + something "small" that didn´t get included in 1.4.5..

1.4.6 will be the last Windows 98/ME compatible version. Following version (1.5.0?) will require Windows 2000 or newer.

Beta 1:

- ESS Mega (CDTV) "hidden" data track now reads properly on W2K/XP (uses SPTI READ_CD SCSI command if ReadFile() returns zero bytes. This is getting quite messy, mixing IOCTL, MCI and SPTI, Windows version specific read modes etc..) NOTE: SPTI requires exclusive access (IOCTL does not) so make sure no other program (including Windows explorer) do not have any open handles.
- crash when program executes any 68k command that causes a-line exception and pc was in first 64K of chip ram (145b1x)
- added inverted mouse/analog joystick input events
- ´none´ input event was incorrectly parsed causing all following ´sub configuration´ entries to be ignored
- added friendly name and not so friendly (GUID) device names to input configuration file (so that we can match devices if they change or configuration gets moved between PCs, see below)
- input device insertion/removal on the fly supported (Windows 2K+) Lots of bugs expected.. (ports-panel settings are not updated yet)
- fixed mouse not capturing (Windows 98/ME mainly)
- dynamic JIT direct memory allocation, can now have max 1G of Z3 fast or 512M RTG RAM (both not possible at the same time, automatically lowers memory settings until allocation succeeds) Max 2G Z3 possible when 98/ME support is gone (need also 64-bit OS) Extremely pointless feature.