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    Random Rants

    I'm haveing a bit of a mare at the moment so i wanted to start a Thread where anyone can just post a rant about life, the universe and everything. The rules are:-
    1) No names
    2) No rants about fellow members

    Being as it's my thread i'll start.

    Why the hell did i not pay more attention when i did my ebay listings. I've had one item listed for the past couple of weeks when it looks like i've already accidentally sent it out to someone by mistake so i've lost money. Then when i did my listings i didn't pay attention to my P&P costings and have cocked up on most of them (usually overcharging people) which fortunately i've managed to correct in the invoices but still it's a pain. I know that this is nobodies fault but my own but i just wanted to vent.

    Thats better. I feel cleansed.
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