Anyone in the UK interested in getting cheap Sky+ before Christmas?

Curry's are currently running an offer in all of their stores until Christmas Eve where you can get a Sky+ box for 29 + installation fee (normally 30), so in total it would cost you 59.

This offer is available in store in all branches of Curry's and this has been confirmed by Sky themselves.

Some people on a Satellite forum reported that their local Curry's claimed you could only get the offer if you bought a new TV at the same time, and another if you signed up for Sky Broadband or Sky Talk, but according to Sky themselves this is a lie and the deal is a genuine instore deal with Sky as a pre-Christmas offer.

Obviously to qualify for the offer you do need to already have a sky subscription and being upgrading your current box, or you will be taking out a Sky subscription at the same time as buying the Sky+ box.

Here is their website link to the item:

But I think you have to go into one of the stores to sign up and get one.