Currently the following promotional ideas have already been put into place and are running.

1, Search engine submissions

The site server is linked to a monthly auto search engine submission system. Once a month the meta tag descriptions and keywords setup to best describe the site are submitted to the most popular search engines available and a report on the success of their entry is emailed to me.

2, Google Sitemap

A google webmaster tools account is setup for classicamiga and a Google sitemap is in place and working between Google and the main site. You can see the Google map being generated by going to the Site Map section of the main site.

3, Google Analytics

A Google Analytics account is linked and logging the activity on the main site. This runs using a Joomla mambot so only logs pages where the bot is allowed (so it isn't logging custom Joomla areas of the site), but it still gives a good source of information on popular pages, visitor frequency, redirect origin and common search engine keywords used.

4, Server logs

The server logs are the most accurate and detailed source of visitor information for the site and contain a wealth of information on visitor information and trends.

5, Banner affiliation program (in development)

A banner affiliation program is currently in development. Once complete a new Affiliates section will be on the main site. This will contain a number of classicamiga themed advert banners and signature banners for members to use in their signitures on other sites to promote classicamiga, and for other sites to use for linking to classicamiga. The affiliates section will also play host to advertising banners from other affiliated sites.

note: I am hoping to impliment a system of mutual affiliation. In order for another site to have their banner hosted on the classicamiga affiliates page the classicamiga banner must also exist on their site. If I can get this to work, the banner code included from classicamiga must be included on the affiliate site and it will be tested from the classicamiga server to make sure the classicamiga banner is in place and exists on the affiliated site before the affiliates banner will be allowed to be shown on the classicamiga affiliates page.

6, More to come...