Do you have some ideas on how the classicamiga site and forum can be promoted?

Would you like to help spread the word about classicamiga and attract more visitors?

If you have some ideas on how classicamiga can be promoted and how it's presence can be increased online, or would like to aid us with existing promotional ideas, then please post your ideas and support in this Classicamiga promotions forum. All ideas and suggestions are welcome.

Currently a site/forum affiliation system is being created. Once complete this will contain a selection of classicamiga themed advert banners and signature banners that everyone can use to promote classicamiga in their signatures on other sites, and for other sites to use to link back to classicamiga.

Affiliated sites will be able to share an affiliation advert banner with classicamiga which will be displayed in the affiliation section of the main site once it has launched.