Has anyone else played this game?

I have had the game since launch, but hadn't tried it till today. The game always sounded like it could be interesting and so far it is.

It is set in WWII, as are more War games recently, and features the battles from Pearl Harbour until Midway.

A game you could compare it too would be the Battlefield games, due to being able to jump into any vehicle involved in the battle and take control, but that is where the similarity with the Battlefield games because it isn't a First Person Shooter, but instead an action RTS. Another game you could compare it to for the gameplay aspect is Hostile Waters. If you have played that you will know the sort of gameplay I mean.

BattleStations Midway places you as the commander of your fleet within each battle, allowing you overall control of the movements of your fleet against the enemy. But as already mentioned you can switch between any vehicle in your fleet during the battle and take direct control of them. So you could take command of one of your warships and then you have helm control over it's movement, as well as being able to control it's weapon systems to fire the anti aircraft guns, or guns at enemy ships, launch torpedoes, or drop depth charges at subs. Equally you could take control of a submarine and control it's diving, movement and fire its torpedoes. And finally you could take control of an aircraft, and engage in air to air combat, man the turret of the larger planes, drop torpedoes at ships, or bombs at ground or sea based targets.

So it's a hands on real time strategy game.

I've only just finished running through the tutorials that get you used to the controls of everything under you command and the controls are nice and simple and easy to use. So next I'm going to try my first proper battle.