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    This can come in handy for all those who are computer nomads, now they can take their software along with them preinstalled on a USB stick.

    Experience Freedom wherever you go

    The FramaKey is a package of ready-to-use Free Software, mounted on a USB key, that makes the life of the nomad user a lot easier.

    Its goal is to provide you with the best of Windows Free Software, already installed and set to run directly from your FramaKey. In doing so, there is no need for an installation, you can not only experience the software safely, but you do so without leaving any personal information on the host computer.

    Running FramaKey:

    The main advantage is that you can experience the freedom of not only moving anywhere with your documents and files, but also with your own, known and customized software environment.

    A “Home Sweet Home” feeling anywhere, without leaving your prints and data on the computer hosting your FramaKey.


    The FramaKey will let you:

    * Take your web browser with you, already set to your needs (skins, extensions, favourites, etc.), for safer browsing when on the move (FireFox).
    * Manage your email accounts from the host computer without any need to modify its settings (Thunderbird).
    * Work on your text documents, spreadsheets, and slideshows from the best fully-integrated office application suite of the Free Software world (
    * Play just about any format of multimedia file, either audio or video, from the host computer without any player installation process (VideoLAN).
    * Listen to your favourite tunes, either from .mp3 or .ogg files, from an easy, efficient and fast player (CoolPlayer).
    * Save time by quickly and efficiently editing your files, no matter what the size, using a powerful editor with enhanced capabilities (SciTe).

    Stable, secure and stealth applications

    All the software provided with your FramaKey has been tested and reported stable, safe and stealth.


    * Most of your portable software is known to be more stable than costly proprietary applications.
    * Applications run from your FramaKey will not corrupt the ongoing processes of the host computer.
    * The web browser and mail client will protect your privacy and the host computer, leaving only very little after you, protecting you from spam (Thunderbird) or viruses (FireFox is not subject to malicious ActiveX scripts).

    A multi-tool flash-drive

    The FramaKey is like the “Swiss Army Knife” of the nomad user. It allows you to move anywhere with a toolbox full of your own, known and tailored set of software. This will ensure you are efficient straight away on any unknown computer.

    A Free flash-drive

    But the best thing about your FramaKey is that it is completely “Free”!
    Indeed, all its content including the software are Free Software, meaning you can experience the:

    * Freedom to run the software no matter the use.
    * Freedom to modify and customize the software to your needs.
    * Freedom to distribute copies.
    * Freedom to publish your software once modified for the mutual benefit of the whole Free Software community.
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    Very interesting. I will have to give this a try. It does of course instantly introduce security risks as it enables people to do things on other systems, which is good!

    If you haven't played a classic game in years, it's never too late to start!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harrison View Post
    Very interesting. I will have to give this a try. It does of course instantly introduce security risks as it enables people to do things on other systems, which is good!
    Yes I love being able to hack other people's computers with their full consent
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