I installed Debian 6 this morning. It is working nicely . I decided to stick with GNOME instead of LXDE, mainly due to how well it does things like desktop icons.

It has the older version of GNOME, rather than the new GNOME 3 which has a new GUI.

It uses GDM 3 for the graphical login. Unfortunately, this doesn't allow logging in as root and there seems to be no option to enable this, like in GDM 2. It also lacks the many configuration things that GDM 2 had. This was easily fixed by using Synaptic to completely remove GDM 3 and install GDM 2 instead.

It doesn't come with much useful software 'out of the box' like Vector Linux does but it has huge repositories. I like its cool 'SpaceFun' theme.

You will probably be amazed to hear this, but I have decided to give Ubuntu a try. I'm downloading the 11.04 LiveCD now.