JRPGs are traditionally known for having subgames/sidequests of surprising variety. Some of them are even so deep and intricate, they could very well have been standalone games!

Which subgames have been your favourites so far? Have you ever spent MORE time on a subgame than the actual RPG itself?

My favourite subgames have usually been those featured in the Final Fantasy series. There have been some really great ones over the years, but two really stand out:

Triple Triad from Final Fantasy VIII. I could never get into the card game in FFIX, but Triple Triad was simply great. Spent a LOT of time playing it and collecting all the cards.

Blitzball from Final Fantasy X. Call me a masochist, but I actually liked Blitzball.

There are some others as well. Quite a few fishing quests in various RPGs were actually pretty good.

All the sidequests involving obtaining the ultimate weapons in FFX, on the other hand, were terrible. I'd rather have an elephant step on my balls rather than go through that crap again.