Beta 3
* autoboot/donotmount checkbox problems fixed
* winuaenforcer enabled and VBR not moved: interrupt levels 6 and 7 caused enforcer hit flood
* uae boot rom was always mounted (b2)
* b2 interrupt fix update, only "pre-delay" vblank interrupt
* A-Max rom-"dongle" emulation added (manual configuration file editing currently needed, amaxromfile=) Yes, this is very pointless feature. (A-Max technical info by Mark Knibbs)
* C debugger command only worked in byte-mode
* disk write without drives selected was emulated as a read without drives selected, clearing disk dma buffer
* input configuration is fully saved again, need design update.. (in b2 all default settings disappeared after saving and loading..)
* added "directional buttons" to input panel list, for example "X-Axis" is available as "X-Axis" (original), "X-Axis [-]" (button event when joystick/dpad moved left) and "X-Axis [+]" (button event when joystick/dpad moved right) Currently new "buttons" are at the end of the list.