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    That rare obscure game that was never released

    Hello all,

    Perhaps once in a while going through a game or a magazine you suddenly recall the memory of a game that was in development years ago that caught your interest.
    It wasn't perhaps a good game but you definitely wanted to have a look at it or read a review about it.

    But the it disappeared into development hell or the company went bust before it was finished.
    And sometimes you even forgot its name

    Once in a while I had this with an old game I read in a Amiga magazine years ago, it was a sort of Gauntlet/Alien Breed style overhead shooter and though it wasn't that incredible looking I was still curious about it.

    With the online Amiga magazines I recently discovered I have finally managed to find the name of this game; it was called Malfunction and it was developed by Digital Illusions, known for their pinball games at the time and later of course the Battlefield games.

    On the scan I read it was going to more than just a shooter, it would also have had adventure elements, making it more involving.

    Its sad that it never got finished for some reason.

    Do any of you have similar experiences?


    This was a similar case, but for the PC
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