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    Thanks Demon Cleaner for the suggestion.

    Yes Harrision, there are LAN games. GRID has a wireless LAN mode - we've had one on one races with two PS3's before.

    I've played Resistance 2 two player co-op with my cousin on maps that kind of role back on each other in a huge circle. Although it may have been Resistance 1.
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    Red Dead Redemption out in a few days. I'm somewhat hyped by it - Grand Theft Auto in a wild west setting? Bring it!!

    Elsewhere, ModNation Racers is also getting very good reviews across the board. It's LittleBigPlanet all over, but featuring kart racing instead. Probably picking that one up as well.

    Been playing NIER lately. It's a quirky little action RPG from the guys who made Drakengard. At first glance, it might put off a lot of people because the graphics are extremely bad (for a PS3 title, anyway). However, if you manage to persevere, you'll find a very rewarding game underneath, with a rich, layered storyline, interesting characters that actually have depth to them, exquisite music and great boss battles. I've already finished the game once, but I'm replaying it just because it's so damn good

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