Are there any compatiablity list on the internet which tells you what game work on the a1200 and which do not.

I know about holding down both mouse buttons but some games still do not work once the caches have been disabled.

Where is the best place to get a relokick disk ebay?

The reason for asking is my brother and me bought 31 amiga game from a shop near to where he lives and we always knew some would be duff but I am not sure which are corrupt and which simply do not work on a a1200. The one I cannot get to work are below

shadow of the beast (game loads and starts but crashes after a min of playing)
Jame pond (loads but graphic's are corrupt) I guess thiss needs a relowkick
Humans (start to load then does nothing) and I guess this needs a relowkick
barbarian Psygnosis version (start to load then does nothing)
Alien Breed 2 AGA (game load but will not play I think disk 2 is corrupt maybe disk doctor can fix it?)
Sleepwalker a500 (game loads and works but disk 2 does not load)
syndicate (loads but gets a software error after intro maybe disk doctor can fix it?)
Robocop 2 (disk just keeps loading and nothing happens)
Fantastic Dizzy (disk 1 loads disk 2 start to load then screen drops out)

also how can I get adf blitzer to my amiga I do not have a null modem lead can you but it in a zip and copy it to disk?

Any advice on the above games would be most helpfull