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Forum Rules
Classicamiga Terms of Use
As many existing users know, this board is quite relaxed on the content of your posts.
  1. All posts must be written in English.
  2. You may discuss anything you like, within reason. Please see point 13 for banned topic discussions.
  3. It is OK to discuss emulation (that's the point of the main site after all).
  4. You may discuss emulation of any system but please post anything relating to non Amiga systems in the Off Topic Forum.
  5. You can talk about Roms and other Emulation related files.
  6. You can give links to other sites relating to emulation, but you cannot give direct links to rom downloads if they are of commercial nature.
    For example: you could tell a new member that planetemu.net has lots of useful content, but you cannot say, click here to download game.adf
  7. If you wish to give Rom or other download information to another member of the board then please use the private PM messaging facility on the board to talk directly to the other member. The exception to this rule is outlined in the File Requests forum.
  8. You may not ask for kickstart rom files on the forum. Please see the topic within the file requests forum for further details.
  9. Please try and stay on topic with all topic starting posts. The moderators may warn you for posting in the wrong forum, but your post will normally just be moved to the correct forum with a moved link in the original post location.
  10. It doesn't matter if a topic drifts from it's original intention and goes off topic, as long as it was originally related to the forum it was posted in. Sometimes the most interesting discussions are completely displaced from the original topic of conversation.
  11. Please don't insult other members on the board or upset others via insensitive posts. Keep in mind that some members are from other parts of the world and might not get some types of humour or sarcasm.
  12. If you have a problem with another member (insults, directed abuse, etc) then please contact one of the staff moderators or the administrator as soon as you can to report your problem so that it can be looked into.
  13. Banning topics. You may not start topics or reply to topics if the content of your post is related to:
    1. Current political affairs.
    2. Religion.
    3. Directed insults at another board member, or his country or origin. In-jokes between members is OK but please clarify this with a comment like *only joking* in such posts.
    4. Posts designed to start flamewars.
    5. SPAM - This is anything the moderators consider intentional promotion of another site or organisation which is outside of the boards main discussion topic. SPAM also includes the direct promotion of a website that is deemed by the staff of classicamiga as being outside the subjects and topics of this forum. Such topics that will instantly see a member banned are new threads promoting a site selling online game gold, sites selling mobile phones, ipods and other electrical items, or sites selling software that is not related to this forum's key interests.
    6. Our reasons for not allowing these topics is that they nearly always end in flame wars. The Classicamiga forum is not a platform to force political or religious propaganda and views on other members.
  14. Forum Moderators have overall authority on the forum. Just because a rule is not included here, it does not mean that they cannot inforce it. If they feel that the actions of a member are against the good nature of the forum then they are permitted to take whatever action they see as being fair.
  15. New members are required to make at least one post within the first 30 days of their membership. A message will remain at the top of the forum until the first post is made to remind each new member of this rule. Members who have not posted within the first 30 days of their membership are termed as zero-posters. Such members may be in danger of deletion from the forum from time to time as removal of inactive accounts that have never been used is part of the general maintenance of this forum.

    We don't like to enforce this rule as we hope that all new members will become active regular contributors on the forum and become a part of our community. We do however feel that members who never post are not actively participating in the community, and having been given the chance to post something within the first 30 days of joining seems more than fair.
  16. But please don't worry about these rules. They are here to make this forum a nice place to visit and are only enforced as a last resort. Most importantly we want all of our members to have fun on the board and with Amiga emulation and related stuff. Enjoy!!!
For breaking above rules you may be warned/banned appropriately!

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