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Join our new ClassicRetro Steam Group!

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I've just finished creating a new Steam gamers Group. I know a lot of you have steam accounts, so I thought it would be great if we had a group we could all join. I'm also going to post this on amibay so we can try to bring together as many members as possible.

I thought the group would be great to use as a central location to find other classicamiga and Amibay members quickly on Steam, so you can see who else is playing the same games from our communities for multiplay, or just to chat about them.

You can find the group at:

I've knocked up a very quick 5 minute logo for the group, but will improve and work on it more when i get chance. Hope to see you on Steam.

I'm also looking for some members to volunteer as Group officers to help run this group, so if you want to take part let me know.


  1. Puni/Void's Avatar
    Joined up. Looks nice so far.