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The 15th Anniversary of Void

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The 15th Anniversary of Void

Wow, time flies doesn't it? This summer it's 15 years since the demogroup Void saw the light of day! Isn't that incredible? 15 years! I think it's fantastic that the group is still alive and that we recently released a new production (Versus) in co-operation with the crazy Swedes in Nukleus. If that's not enough, we're planning to release a new issue of our musicpack this summer.

My history with Void started back in the year of 1996. Back then I got in touch with an English swapper known as DT214. He goes by the handle Powerslave these days and was one of the original founders of Void. He's always been a friendly guy and we exchanged friendly and interesting letters for years. Later on, I too became part of the group and I'm very happy about that today.

I also started swapping with another member of Void in 1996. This was a funny Dutch guy that called himself Rabl. He later changed his nickname to Gone and became well known for his articles in various diskmags, for example Jurassic Pack. Sadly I don't have any contact with him anymore, but I remember how funny some of his letters was. He did also send nice cards for Christmas.

Last but not least, there is Rumrunner, the Norwegian organizer of Void. He is the coder behind the chart Versus and the diskmag Saxonia. He has also programmed a variety of demo and intros for the Amiga 500. We went to the same school together in the latter half of the 90's and we are still friends today. He's mostly into old-school American cars these days, but still gets a smile from launching his favourite Assembler and watching intense plasmaeffects on his Amiga 1200.

Even though we're still active, we aren't as many members as we used to. Today Void consists of the following maniacs:

Powerslave - Organizer, musician, ex. swapper
Rumrunner - Organizer, coder, editor, musician
Puni - Coder, editor, graphician, ex. swapper

(I'd like to add that we are looking for members even today, so if you'd be interested to join a real friendship crew, don't hesitate to get in touch.)

Now, here's the true story of how Void was started back in the 1990's as told by Powerslave himself:

The story of Void on the amiga started way back in the summer of 1995, myself (Powerslave) and Griz (member from 1995 - 1999) were in a uk group called Ultima, my role was swapper and musician, and Griz's was gfx. Originally my handle was DT214 taken from my 11m CB radio days, ( I now still use the radio with Alpha Tango call and HAM radio also, many handle swaps over the years and finally settled with Powerslave. After about 8 months in Ultima, we both decided to leave and start are own group. It was September 1995 and we both went to Blackpool for a day trip. Various names where flying around, like Mirage, Escape etc, then Griz shouted out "Void". Well that was it, it sounded cool and void was born.

The members started to join, Rabl from Ultima joined and then changed his handle to the famous Gone. Other members joined, some from Ultima others from other uk groups around that time. One thing Void wanted to do was discover new uk sceners, so a lot of members joined from being "Indys" Independants as they were known as.

Names like Snoopy, Jay, Skinner, Hurricane, Raptor, Killit, Furrball, soon joined and this brought countries like Norway and Poland and Holland into the Void group. By the beginning of 1996, void had many members in 4 countries.

Later in 1996, the dutch group S2 joined void as a sub group, which had only two members, Styles and Scandal. With there help they released the Macron BBS intro on the 22/07/96.

The memberlist at this stage consisted of:

DT214 - Organiser, Musician & Swapper (England)
Griz - Organiser, Gfx (England)
Jay - Organiser, Coder & Swapper (England)
Snoopy - Coder & Swapper (England)
Killit - Coder & Swapper (England)
Furrball - Gfx & Swapper (England)
Rabl - Organiser, Gfx & Swapper (Holland)
Styles - Musician & Swapper (Holland)
Scadal - Coder, Gfx & Swapper (Holland)
Zany - Musician & Swapper (Norway)
Hurricane - Swapper (Norway)
Raptor - Coder & Swapper (Poland)

Over the years we grew from strength to strength and released many good intro's and demo's at the Breakpoint and the Gathering demo parties. Punisher/Gods and many old-school groups joined and brought the music from Maze with him to enhance the demo musics.

Soon, I discovered a new coder, a learner who has turned out to be a good friend also, His name was Rumrunner and mainly coding with his A500, he showed the big groups in early 2000 that it was still possible to make routines without the AGA chipset.

Void members work was found in various packs and mags over the years, LSD's Grapevine returned and so Gone had articles within this, as well as Jurrasic Park, I was honoured to be with the hitpack series from Gods for my music and the early Kickdown packs from a group now RIP called Syndrome.

The rest is now history. During the last years, we've released new issues of both Versus and Saxonia, a few small demos and our new musicpack series Absolute Dølle. We hope to make more in the future and we also raise our glasses for new 15 years of friendship and fun! Cheers guys!

Thanks for reading!


PS: Greetings to all former and current members of Void!!


  1. meseta's Avatar
    Success !!! Regards from Trelew, Patagonia Argentina. Thanks for your post. meseta
  2. Harrison's Avatar
    Great to read the history of the group and how you got involved.

    Regarding members. It could be something I might be interested in when i have a bot more time, to possibly offer development of some graphics for productions.
  3. Puni/Void's Avatar
    Thanks guys!

    That sounds interesting, Harrison. I've got a complete sourcecode for an upcoming edition of a musicpack, but haven't managed to create new graphics. Anything you might be interested in?