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  1. OMG! That would be awesome! I presume I'll get one? Please let me know and I'll send you my address. I'm ready to get back into some old fashioned mail trading again! I remember you wrote cool letters on paper back in the day by the way. It was always fun to receive stuff from you!
  2. i surely miss them too. BUT! Having lot of unused Amiga tunes made me think about little experiment. Going to code little intro and post it to all old Amiga swappers whos real name i can find. Then wait and see when it pops out to pouet.
  3. Good to hear that things are going well, Rebb. Do you miss the good, old mailtrading days? I sure do.
  4. Doing fine, noticed your visitor message little late :P
  5. Hi there Rebb! How is it going? Long time, no see!
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