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  1. Stylish Amiga Case for Modern Computer Hardware


    I would like to introduce you a stylish Amiga case for modern computer hardware, like a PPC for OS 4.1 or Intel-processors :


    It's a Kickstarter project and I'm not the initiator. I would like to appeal to you to make this project coming true, especially for it is not that much missing to get the project funded. I consider it as a worth contribution to the Amiga community. ...
  2. Jack Tramiel is dead

    [QUOTE=Demon Cleaner;48517]Sad news, he died on this easter Sunday, 8th of April. You can read more about him on the Wikipedia site: [url][/url][/QUOTE]

    Jack murió y Commodore podrá quebrar, pero C-64 y su herencia siempre estarán con nosotros. Luis (meseta)
  3. Join our new ClassicRetro Steam Group!

    I've just finished creating a new Steam gamers Group. I know a lot of you have steam accounts, so I thought it would be great if we had a group we could all join. I'm also going to post this on amibay so we can try to bring together as many members as possible.

    I thought the group would be great to use as a central location to find other classicamiga and Amibay members quickly on Steam, so you can see who else is playing the same games from our communities for multiplay, or ...
  4. Steve Jobs is Dead - What a loss!

    [B]Steve Jobs is dead. [/B]It is a sad day when such a great technology innovator is no longer. Our country has gradually slipped from a "producer country" to a "service only country", and has diminished to near a "third world country", due to our socialist leadership.

    Most family and/or co-workers do not know my "near connection" with Steve Jobs back in the 1988. At the San Francisco convention center Steve set up a completely networked NEXT ...
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  5. The Old-school Game Blog

    Hi guys,

    Haven't updated this blog for quite a while now, since I've got another one going called The Old-school Game Blog. You can visit it through the link below:

    I write about everything related to old-school gaming and computing. The main focus is of course the Amiga, as that is my all-time favourite computer like you all know.

    Please feel free to give me some feedback. I'd be happy to hear what you ...
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