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  1. Turbocharging the Amiga 600 in 2011

    Turbocharging the Amiga 600 in 2011

    Who would have thought years ago that new accelerators would be released for the classic Amiga range in 2010? I know I wouldn't. Especially NOT for the Amiga 600.

    It turns out that a company called Individual Computers (Jens Schönfeld) released a brand new accelerator for the Amiga 600 a short while ago. The board goes by the name ACA 630/25 and can be purchased through Online retailers like Vesalia in Germany and Amigakit in the ...

    Updated 23rd January 2011 at 17:27 by Puni/Void

  2. heeeeellooooo

    Hi all! I am new here therefore i wanted to say a few words about me. I'm Jason Hall. I'm 30 years of age and currently I live in Baltimore.
  3. The 15th Anniversary of Void

    The 15th Anniversary of Void

    Wow, time flies doesn't it? This summer it's 15 years since the demogroup Void saw the light of day! Isn't that incredible? 15 years! I think it's fantastic that the group is still alive and that we recently released a new production (Versus) in co-operation with the crazy Swedes in Nukleus. If that's not enough, we're planning to release a new issue of our musicpack this summer.

    My history with ...
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