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  1. Stylish Amiga Case for Modern Computer Hardware


    I would like to introduce you a stylish Amiga case for modern computer hardware, like a PPC for OS 4.1 or Intel-processors :


    It's a Kickstarter project and I'm not the initiator. I would like to appeal to you to make this project coming true, especially for it is not that much missing to get the project funded. I consider it as a worth contribution to the Amiga community. ...
  2. help,!!!whdload games got problems that i dont know how to fix

    when i play whdgames goblin 3,in the first stage, i just cant find the bird, but when i play this game without a whdload, the bird will reappear again. the thing is i really wanna use whdload to play games ,becase it is very convenient .