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  1. Phantom's Avatar
    Steve Jobs was a pioneer? Ha - ha - ha. Mostly was stolen. Xerox anyone?

    It's sad to see young people pass away like this, but no, I don't believe that Steve Jobs was a pioneer, he was just a good inventor, nothing more.
  2. Harrison's Avatar
    Steve was definitely an innovator and pioneer. He never invented any technology from scratch, but instead could see how to put together the best that already existed to make it revolutionary.

    Regardless of what people think of Apple, the iPod and iPhone were both responsible for revolutionising both the music and smartphone industries. Before the iPod we did have early MP3 players, but they were all hard to use and very restricted. And the iPhone was the first device to ever make touchscreen interfaces actually work. Before that people were struggling along with rehashed OSs on their touchscreen devices that were never originally designed with that method of input in mind.

    He will definitely be missed, and without him the amount of innovation will be much less, and other companies will not have his inspiration to attempt to better it themselves, pushing the industry forward.

    There is rumour that he had worked on a lot of ideas prior to his death and has left enough for Apple to continue his pioneering ideas for a few years yet. So in a way he will live on into the future.