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  1. Stephen Coates's Avatar
    Hehe. I read about this one the other day. It is certainly a bit odd. But this kind of stuff often happens with old brand names.

    Now I wonder who would actually rent an Amiga brand mobile phone or television.
  2. v85rawdeal's Avatar
    Almost tempted to get that TV as a replacement monitor for my computer... Hmmmm, problem is no work would ever get done...
  3. Harrison's Avatar
    Another reason for its continued popularity is Sony's decision to pull support for PS2 games on the PS3, so anyone who sold/traded their PS2 when they upgraded to a PS3 have needed to buy another PS2 to access their games again. Quite an ingenious move by Sony to cause a continued sale of the older hardware.

    There are also those who own more than one PS2, or purchased a replacement after their original broke. I personally own 2 myself (Phat and Slim), and a lot of others do too, so that adds to the total too. But regardless of all that, 150 million PS2's is a lot!

    And that Sony TV is really cool. Tempted..

    BTW, the PS2 is actually currently the best selling console of all time, with the original Playstation just behind it in second place with 102 million sold! If you factor in handheld consoles then the Nintendo DS is just behind the PS2 with 144 Million, and I have a feeling it won't be long before that takes over, but the console and handheld markets are quite different. Sony's own PSP isn't doing too badly either though, with 62 million sold to date, so while people say the PSP hasn't done well compared to the NDS, that is far from true. It's still beating selling that the Xbox 360! Only selling 50 million to date... with the PS3 just behind it with 48 million sold.

    If you want to check out the current chart of console sales to date, take a look at
  4. Harrison's Avatar
    This new A600 accelerator was also a surprise to me. It does however seem that the interest is there as pre-orders were high and the A1200 versions sold out quickly.

    The A600 was definitely the dark horse of the Amiga range. At launch everyone laughed at it, questioning C= for the decision to release something that was little more than a cut down A500+, seeing little reason why anyone would own one over an A500. .

    But more recently the A600 and A1200 have really come into their own. They are the 2 models that now allow any fan to build a pretty decent system at a reasonable cost, and with this new accelerator it really does make it a useful Amiga gaming system. Very compact and yet powerful enough to easily run all the old Amiga games installed onto a CF card under WHDLoad.

    And as mentioned, combine this with the internal ECS flicker fixer/scan doubler and you would have a great setup, with only AGA missing.
  5. Puni/Void's Avatar
    Thanks guys!

    That sounds interesting, Harrison. I've got a complete sourcecode for an upcoming edition of a musicpack, but haven't managed to create new graphics. Anything you might be interested in?
  6. Harrison's Avatar
    Great to read the history of the group and how you got involved.

    Regarding members. It could be something I might be interested in when i have a bot more time, to possibly offer development of some graphics for productions.
  7. meseta's Avatar
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