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  1. Puni/Void's Avatar
    Congratulations on reaching 200 posts mate! Good job! Keep those posts coming!
  2. Harrison's Avatar
    Have you also seen this link showing total best selling music artists of all time?

    Some amazing figures in that list. The Beatles and Elvis both have claimed sales of 1 Billion! and Michael Jackson 750 million.

    Do you know what the current best selling album of all time is? It always used to be The Eagles greatest Hits but not sure if it still is.
  3. Harrison's Avatar
    I thought Michael Jackson and The Beetles would have been higher up.

    Where did you get your figures from? Do they include digital downloads? I just did some checking and found the following Michael Jackson singles sale figures:

    Billie Jean 9.19 million
    Beat It 7 million
    Thriller 6.7 million

    With total sales of all his singles to date standing at an impressive 112 million!
  4. Puni/Void's Avatar
    Keep up the good work, mate! I check your blog every week.