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Demon Cleaner
24th July 2007, 08:31
Anyone heard of this? A friend told me of the band, but I cannot find anything related other than the official site. Vocalists are Chuck Billy (Testament) and Steve Souza (ex-Exodus).

Official site here. (http://www.dublindeathpatrol.com/index2.htm)

24th July 2007, 13:16
Sounds interesting, based on the members. I've not heard of this band.

Demon Cleaner
30th July 2007, 13:03
Ok, I finally have it, I post a song here. You can definitely hear Billy or Souza sing.

Unnatural Causes (http://dc.classicamiga.com/root/02%20-%20Dublin%20Death%20Patrol%20-%20Unnatural%20Causes.mp3)

30th July 2007, 17:15
Cool. I will have a listen later. :)