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22nd July 2007, 01:07
I am playing Castle of Dr. Brain and I need the code wheel!:mad:

23rd July 2007, 16:27
Can't you find a cracked version of the game? You wouldn't need the code wheel then. ;)

23rd July 2007, 22:25
Na had a look, but I dont think it will help. To get to the second level of the castle, you complete three puzzles, and it gives you three codes. Those then need to be interpreted with the use of a code wheel.

Demon Cleaner
24th July 2007, 06:15
That's annoying :dry:

Blue Jedi
24th July 2007, 23:16
I have a link were you can get them for castle of doctor brain it is a decoder not a code wheel that is probably why you could not find them.


Hope ity helps.

I got it from here and it has all the other doctor brain games.


I found it at my other favourite sites for Amiga and C64.


25th July 2007, 05:34
Cheers man! That is sweet!

Blue Jedi
25th July 2007, 10:14

Blue Jedi
28th July 2007, 20:07
Submeg it would be awsome if you could add to my reputation for helping you because i want to build it up.

28th July 2007, 23:22
I did when you posted those links :)

Blue Jedi
29th July 2007, 10:05
Awsome submeg thanks what happens when you get some rep added what does it do.

Demon Cleaner
29th July 2007, 23:34
Your rep bar will raise when you ger reputation points, that is the only thing. The reputation points stand for how much reputation points you will give to a member, so basically as you have 3 rep points, and you leave my rep, I will be added 3 points. Here is an explanation what Harrison wrote some time ago:

The reputation system was the one area of vBulletin that I hadn't had time to look into properly until now. It is quite confusing to begin with, but I think I have it figured out now.

This is how the reputation system works.

Under your username in your posts you will see a reputation power number and a status bar.

There are two values related to the reputation system. Reputation Points and Reputation Power.

* Your Reputation Points total is the amount of reputation you have been awarded by others and for other conditions I will list in a moment.

* Reputation Power is the number of reputation points you will award another member when you leave them some reputation.

As you gain reputation points your reputation level will increase. Each level is set to increase once a specific number of reputation points has been reached. Think of it working like the forum pips system where you rise through the forum ranks. In a similar way you rise through the reputation ranks as you gain reputation.

Each member starts off with 10 reputation points when they join and a reputation power of 1. This means that they only award 1 point of reputation to anyone when they leave reputation for another member.

New members must have also made 1 post before they can use the reputation system to award others reputation.

When a member reached 50 reputation points they will go up to the second reputation level and gain an extra pip on their reputation bar and your reputation title will move up to the next level. Higher reputation levels have different reputation point requirements. I will list the levels when I get time.

Reputation Power increases in the following ways so that you may award more points with each reputation you award. The number next to your reputation bar is your current Reputaton power.

Reputation power increases by 1 for the following reasons:

* Every 30 days you are a member of the board
* Every 25 posts you make
* Every 50 points of reputation you receive

Restrictions to the system include only being able to give out reputation 15 times within any 24 hour period, and having to award reputation to 3 different members before you can award it to the same member again.

All of these figures can be changed so if we find the reputation system numbers are set too high for the activity and number of reputations awarded on the board, we can reduce and amend the conditions required to gain extra reputation altering power points.

Hope the reputation system now makes sense.

Blue Jedi
8th August 2007, 16:24