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13th July 2007, 22:27
Finally it's summer, and therefore I wondered what you guys will be up to during the coming weeks? Are you going on a vacation, staying home and relaxing, do you have to work or have any other plans?

As for myself I'll have to work the whole of July, but I'm hoping to get a week of in September/October. Time will show if that happens. :)

13th July 2007, 23:10
As you know, in the UK we don't have a summer vacation in the same way as many other countries, where everyone takes time off at the same time in the summer. For me my evening work try to make us take our holiday at other times of the year and allocate the summer months to those with children. Therefore I am working.

13th July 2007, 23:12
Not going anywhere this year, except for a few days of France. Had a trip planned for Southeast Asia later in the year, but that has been postponed to next year. When that time comes, I'm hoping to make a visit to Shanghai, China, and perhaps Japan.

So, this year I'll be mostly working, doing some sports, posting a bit on this forum, having some booze, things like that.

13th July 2007, 23:14
I really want to travel to Japan and China at some point. I find the history of that region facinating.

13th July 2007, 23:35
You definitely should. I have been in mainland China once (and Hong Kong several times): it's an amazing experience, simply because the culture is so vastly different and the country's history is so long and colourful. Also, don't forget the superb cuisine and the dirt cheap prices.

Stephen Coates
14th July 2007, 10:11

I know summer usually comes in July but it certainly hasn't come in it's normal form here (i.e. sun, heat etc). Although it was very hot a few months back.

I am going to Guernsey for 5 days in August, and I am going to this other place for a weekend which isn't very far from where I live but I forgot where it is.

So, nothing much.

Demon Cleaner
15th July 2007, 15:27
No vacation, only work, work, work... :(

15th July 2007, 15:35
Well it looks like I will be going somewhere in the Xmas holidays! WOOT! It seems I mayb going to New Zealand!

Demon Cleaner
15th July 2007, 15:36
You lucky, of course NZ is not far away from you.

15th July 2007, 15:37
True. Reason being it's my 21st and my sisters 18th, so looks like it is holidays instead of party :)

Demon Cleaner
15th July 2007, 15:40
Spring chicken ;)

15th July 2007, 15:42
Watches the plane flying over my head...:whistle:

15th July 2007, 23:08
Wont be going anywhere this year.
Gonna finally get round to decorating the house.
Wont have the dosh after that.
Would love to go to China and Japan.
Also Russia.
I think Russia is still a bit iffy at the min though.
Have had a few weekends away this year.
Stag weekends.
Went to Krackow and Amsterdam.
Had a good laugh in both places.

21st July 2007, 16:41
Er, been to Spain (south, near Marbella) twice already this year, plus Barcelona and a weekend in Cardiff. Think I've used up most of my holiday time (and cash :nugget:)

And a stag do in Newquay. Karting and surfing lessons, it was utterly brilliant. Only casualty was a 50+ grand Audi RS4. Whoops.

21st July 2007, 21:34
:blink: nasty

23rd July 2007, 16:32
Come on JT, you got to tell us more about the Audi!

23rd July 2007, 20:01
Indeed. For starters, was it yours? ;)

24th July 2007, 00:17
Ha, yeah, I wish. Awesome car.

I made it sound more jape related and fun than it really was. It's a friends car, we were in a mini convoy (I was in car behind) and some soppy girl that'd only passed her test, in an escort van, followed a volvo out of a junction turning right across the road we were already on. This volvo cut it pretty damn fine so my mate was already on the brakes, but he couldn't avoid her and went into her side. Luckily no one was hurt - they all got out and walked round, but airbags were deployed and both cars were pretty messy (especially the RS4) so it was quite a whack. She got taken to hospital for a better examination as she was in quite a bit of shock. Apparently she may be given a stern talking to and maybe prosecuted.

Shame to end an awesome stag do like that, but shit happens.