View Full Version : What did you get for christmas?

Stephen Coates
30th December 2006, 15:49
So what did you all get for christmas?

As most of you know, I got the Amiga Format Christmas edition January 1991, with the 2 cover disks. Not read it properly yet but it looks interestesting. They had a competition for an 8833 MKII monitor - the one with coloured bits on it.

I also got a new bike because my old one was getting too small for me and loads of chocolates and some money.

So far I have bought for myself a Cumana external floppy drive for the Amiga which cost me 5 inc P&P off eBid. Just waiting for it to arrive. EDIT: Just checked that magazine and it the same drive (CAX 354 cost 74.99 for Gordon Harwood in 1991. EDIT: Another advert says the RRP is 89.99)

31st December 2006, 22:58
The original prices for hardware at the time is always the most amazing thing in old magazines. Harddrives were the most shocking with a 10MB drive costing around 1000 in the late 80's.

I've got some 1984 PC magazines and the hardware prices are quite shocking. I will have a look for them sometime and scan some of them in. Some of the adverts are quite strange too.

1st January 2007, 12:51
I actually remember drooling over 20MB HD's for the Amiga many, many, many years ago. It is strange to think about now, as 20MB is practically nothing compared to the gigantic sizes of modern drives. A friend of mine used to own a 20MB HD which was installed in his A600 - I remember he loaded up Dune 2 and didn't have to swap disks. ;) Lucky guy!

As for Christmas, I'm quite happy. I got the Seinfeld season 7, which was released this Christmas on DVD, from my girlfriend. I have watched a few episodes already and it is great fun. I did also get a couple of interesting books. One in particular about the Japanese during WW2 was very interesting. Let us see, what more? The usual socks from the grandparents and of course some nice t-shirts. :) A good Christmas all in all!

1st January 2007, 18:07
I got a Wii which is awesome and loads of choccy and i got an f-117a stealth airfix kit (my mother buys me some strange stuff),history of cricket book and dvd,an fcuk travel bag the guiness book of records,gamblings strangest story book, a screaming monkey (mother ?!?!), yahtzee game and a hipflask off me mate whos brother i gave my Wii to. I also got a major hangover on boxing day lol.

1st January 2007, 19:43
I got quite a few Wii games. Some of them I got twice though.

Also cool clothes and one of those remote control UFO things (basically a plastic dome with a massive fan underneath it) which is great but I can't really use it much round here.

Loads of choccies too :thumbs:

2nd January 2007, 13:55
I got a new coat from my parents. I've been without a decent waterproof and warm coat for some time now so did need one. Girlfriend hates it though and said it looks like something an old country person would wear! :hmm:

Also got Star Wars Monopoly which I made everyone play on Boxing day, and for my birthday on the 28th I got a cool Star Wars R2D2 telephone from my girlfriend. It's quite huge though and I'm still trying to find somewhere to fit it on my desk.

Other stuff I got included the usual socks, deodorant, new Gillette Fusion razor which is really good (but quite scarry to use the first time with its 5 blades), some new tops from my girlfriend, a history of Ferrari book from Dad, a Beer Stein from my Uncle and Aunt, bottle of red wine... umm... think that is about it. No video games though.

2nd January 2007, 15:07
Nothing. I don't participate in "christmas".

2nd January 2007, 15:28
Is that due to different religious beliefs? or you just don't like christmas?

BTW, I'm not religious. I don't celebrate Christmas as a religious event personally. I celebrate it as a time to remember friends and relations, have a good time and share presents with each other. Personally I would prefer if it was still called the Winter Solstice! (Before Christians hijached the pagan festival and over wrote it with their own to stop people celebrating the original festivals of the season).

2nd January 2007, 16:19
Is that due to different religious beliefs? or you just don't like christmas?

A little of both. I don't consider myself "religious" so that aspect of it has no bearing on me. Also, I just don't care for the whole commercialization of the holiday. I do enjoy spending time with family and friends that I don't often see, but I avoid the whole "gift" thing.

Stephen Coates
2nd January 2007, 17:31
Personally I would prefer if it was still called the Winter Solstice!

In that case, you can call it winter solstice.

but I avoid the whole "gift" thing.

Me too. I am happy to recieve presents off other people if anyone wants to send me a present, but I don;t buy stuff for other people, and I don;t expect anyone to buy stuff for me.

2nd January 2007, 17:37
Personally I would prefer if it was still called the Winter Solstice!In that case, you can call it winter solstice.

I'm not saying I couldn't personally call it Winter Solstice. What I meant was that I wished the whole event known in recent times by a name forced on us via the brain washing of religious groups was instead still commonly known by it's original name which points to its true origin.

2nd January 2007, 20:26
It still is, here. It's called Jul, which was the norse originally called the Winter Solstice celebration. But the word's connotation is Christmas today, not Winter Solstice.

Personally, I celebrate christmas because it is a family tradition, not because it's a christian one. As the only one in the family, I refuse to attend mass in church on christmas eve. Instead, I'm the one that stays home preparing the dinner (following strict instructions, no way would they trust me to get it right on my own ;) ).

As for gifts, apart from various pieces of clothing I got a teflon cooking pot (handy), a Leatherman multitool (very handy), and a wine carafe (from work). Guess I'm getting too old to have cool christmases.