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5th July 2007, 09:34

If you haven't already looked at this site then I highly recommend you do. The site is using Ajax internet technology to recreate a fully working version of Workbench 1.3 in your browser window!

It is quite amazing what has been made possible on the site. Opening of windows and selecting and dragging of icons just like a real Amiga. Launching of a few Workbench demos and fun little effects. The Preferences folder even contains the ability to change site settings such as colour scheme and backdrop (only really switching browser style sheets, but looks cool), and even a version of the shell cli window where you can type commands to change settings on the site.

If there is one negative aspect it is that the site isn't very intuitive. For Amiga fans it isn't as hard to navigate, which is after all the intended audience, but it is still a bit confusing working out what some of the contents of folders are meant to be until you click the files and it automatically downloads mod or sid packs.

Definitely open the utilities via the icons on the desktop. Very nicely recreated Workbench 1.3 and a cool idea for a website.

Demon Cleaner
5th July 2007, 13:26
That one looks very nice, I wonder why I didn't come across earlier, is it new?

5th July 2007, 14:48
I think the site has recently be relaunched with this new Ajax powered Workbench interface. Before it was a much more standard mod downloads site.

5th July 2007, 16:23
Thanks for the link!! Excellent site! Saw that they had modules from both Cartoon and Coma! I definitly know what I'm going to listen to tonight. :D

5th July 2007, 19:46
Errr... I managed to crash it... It is now looping for me and coming up with

"Invalid Argument. Error: 8100000A. Line 2."


6th July 2007, 15:35
Wow, nice site :thumbs: