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3rd July 2007, 17:22
I've just come up with an idea I think will be popular. To create classicamiga music compilations that we could then offer for download on the site.

What do you think? We could work out a short list of tracks and then vote on the ones to be included within each release. And each release could be available in two versions, as the original mod files and as MP3 versions.

In addition to adding this as a new feature, as we create new compilations it would also slowly expand the number of audio tracks available on the site.

We could do the same for the game section, as I know many people are big fans of the best Amiga game music tracks.

I got this idea while listening to a load of demo music tracks while working today.

Demon Cleaner
3rd July 2007, 17:29
Good idea, but most music tracks are already available on Amiga music related sites, such as Unexotica.

3rd July 2007, 17:34
Yes, but not in selected music compilations. I thought that creating compilations of demo tracks, like best of albums, would be good, and we could tie them into a site articles exploring the demos each track came from. Sort of like a progression from PG's original recommended series of articles.

So unlike other sites that just provide the music tracks for download within each demo entry, this would be a classicamiga music selection series highlighting some of the best music from the demo scene for visitors to explore and enjoy. I think this would be much more interesting that just browsing and listening randomly.

Demon Cleaner
3rd July 2007, 17:49
Compilations, sounds good. We should then also release them on CDs with a cover.

3rd July 2007, 17:59
Definitely. That would be really cool.

But we may need to track down the original creators of the tracks just to clear them for use by us.

Demon Cleaner
3rd July 2007, 18:19
But we may need to track down the original creators of the tracks just to clear them for use by us.And that again would be the hardest part of it.

3rd July 2007, 18:21
But we may be OK if we are not selling the compilation for any profit as demos were public domain releases originally so as long as we include the credits to the original creator we should be OK.

3rd July 2007, 18:31
I could help you with tracking down artists on the demo scene, no problem. I know many of them from my mailtrading days, and I'm sure they would be happy to help. Gods have had some very talented musicians, for example Liszt, he is excellent. I'm sure if I asked the organizer about it, that he would allow us to include the tunes.

Anyway, as written above, I really don't think we need to ask permission from everyone. Quite a few music compilations with mods has been released over the years, and I doubt that they had official permission to use all of them. As long as the credits are right, it should be ok. :)

A very good idea btw!

3rd July 2007, 20:17
If we're going to charge money for CDs even to just cover expenses, we need the composer's permission as it is considered a commercial release. Anything else as long as it's just giving the music away, and properly credit it as PG mentions, then it is considered fair game. That's how it's always been in the scene, usually. So we need to think about exactly what we want to do there. If we wanted to release albums we could just make covers and disc labels that people could print out themselves, and include those in the downloadable compilations for example.

This compilations idea could be pretty cool. We ought to be able to make a fair number of them before running out of material. I know I have quite a few favourites that could be included in them. We should at least try to make a couple and see how it works out, I think.

3rd July 2007, 23:51
I think we should stick to free downloadable compilations, rather than trying to distribute actual CD versions as that could start to cost money. Keeping it online with downloads is the way to go. We could create Audio CD ISOs that people could download to burn themselves. And creating cover art and disc labels for people to download too would also work well.

The other great thing about using music from demos is that we can draw on the actual visuals from the demos for the cover art.

I think we need to experiment with a first compilation to see what we can do. I'm not that knowledgeable on specific demos or the ones with the best music so would need to leave that to the rest of you to select and come up with the play lists for each compilation. I could then design some cover art for it and create a page to feature it on the site.

If I have some time tomorrow I might have a go at some dummy cover art for this and create a mock up of a page for the first compilation.

3rd July 2007, 23:54
Crazy idea you have going here :)