View Full Version : TV 24 season 6!

29th December 2006, 20:03
Who is going to be watching this?

SKY says that it start Jan, but I cant find a date yet, any ideas?


29th December 2006, 20:51
I've seen a couple of 24 adverts on Sky over Christmas but I don't know if they are for the next series or for older series or DVD releases.

I only really watched the first series and never managed to keep up with the rest enough to be able to follow them. If I can get the DVD box sets at a cheap price, or borrow them of a friend then I might watch them all at some point.

As for the new series, would you need to know what happened in the previous series to watch it? Or is the story in each series self contained?

29th December 2006, 21:18
pretty much self contained, although there are refrences to prev seasons! So it dose help.