View Full Version : Do you ever plan ahead?

22nd June 2007, 13:17
Some people plan everything in their lives including what they will spend in the month, what they will eat and what they will be doing.

Do you plan anything in your life? or do you prefer to take things as they happen?

Stephen Coates
23rd June 2007, 10:33

When it comes to spending money, if it is just a small amount like 10, and I have 10 avaliable to spend, then I might just spend it without thinking about it.

If it was something more expensive (50+), then I will probably spend a very long time thinking about, unless I desperatley need it. It it is just something that I don't perticulaly need but wanted to try out, e.g. a certain computer, and I know that I can sell it when i've finished with it, then I will probably get one anyway.

At the moment, I never plan how much I will allow myself to spend in a month because I really don't know what I'll want to buy. I probably will have to do this in the future though when I have a house and have to pay the bills.

When it comes to eating, I usually like to decide what I'll have at dinner time. I can't really plan it the day before, because unless I would have to go out and buy something special, then I don't always know what I'll want.

If I wanted to go out somewhere, e.g. to collect something from Royal Mail (provided that they havn't lost it), I will probably decide on a certain day to visit. Same if I wanted to go to a shop other than the local CO-OP or Post office.

Demon Cleaner
23rd June 2007, 21:15
Just like the QOTSA song: Go with the flow.

24th June 2007, 21:50
I said "go with the flow" too. That said, I don't spend wildly and completely carefree, I do stop and consider if I can afford this in the long run for about half a second. :rolleyes:

I'm like that. A couple of months ago I sat at home and thought "that old TV of mine is really getting dated. Maybe I should take a trip down town and see if there's something interesting around." And an hour later, I return home with a new 40" 2.000 set.

Last year, I did the same thing with my car. Thought: "The license on my old car is expiring soon, and it'll never pass another control. Maybe I should take a look around and see if there's anything interesting." And a couple of hours later, I was signing the contract for my current car, at around 6.000.

So that's how I am, never really plan anything. I just get an idea and go with it. Always did.

24th June 2007, 22:02
Hardly ever plan.
Hate having my life mapped out for me, so don't do it.

@ Ste

Have a house and still don't need to plan with bills.
Have everything on direct debit.
Nearly everything comes out on the day after I get paid.
I know how much money I have left over for the rest of the month then.

2nd July 2007, 19:40
I don't plan much in advance, in fact I have almost an aversion to planning too far in front.

I'll quite often think "to hell with it" just go for something, but I don't overstretch myself too much.

14th February 2008, 12:26
normaly, i plan my day when going to work by train. So i now exactly what i am going to do during the day, but of course i can change or ajust the events that will occur.
During the weekend i dont plan so much.

14th February 2008, 16:10
I'm planning to get drunk tonight if that counts.

16th February 2008, 19:55
This is how bad i am when it comes to punctuality. Tomorrow i'm planning to make a dry run to the interview so that i know the exact route and how long it'll take. Then i'll adjust the timing due to weekday and near to school run time and will plan to arrive at least 10 minutes early.

16th February 2008, 20:02
I planned to write a witty response to this...

...And then I couldn't be bothered!