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14th June 2007, 22:51

Of all the science fiction movies you have seen, what are your favorite ones?
Its easy to name a series but try to stick to one part or two at most.

Mine are;

Star Wars: A New Hope
The Terminator
The Thing (John Carpenter version)
The Abyss (well I liked it)
Starship Troopers

If I had to choose from all of these it would be Aliens and Star Wars

14th June 2007, 23:36
That is quite hard as there have been so many over the years and it is my favourite genre.

The best out of any has to be Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back. For me that is the best Star Wars film out of them all and one of the best Science Fiction films of all time.

Others include:

Star Wars: A New Hope
2001: A Space Odyssey
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.
Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Pitch Black
Event Horizon
Blade Runner
Dark Star
The Fifth Element
Terminator II

14th June 2007, 23:44
Heh, you can't beat the revelation that Darth Vader is really Luke's father, right? ;)

15th June 2007, 00:06
Actually it's due to the Hoth battle. That section of the film is great, especially the stop motion AT-ATs. Brilliant.

The Empire Strikes Back was also the first Star Wars film I saw at the cinema when it was released and has remained one of my favourite films ever since.

15th June 2007, 00:40
Darn, I only saw some of the crappy ones in cinema like War of the Worlds, A Sound of Thunder (which really is bad).

ESB was a bit darker and the characters were more grown.

15th June 2007, 09:15
I definitely liked the darker feel of ESB compared to the first film although don't get me wrong, A New Hope is next to ESB in my all time favourite Sci Fi films.

15th June 2007, 15:45
In no particular order
The 1st three StarWars films released. (Like the other 3 but not as much)
Blade Runner
The Fifth Element
All the StarTrek with the exception of Generations which was a bit weak and preachy.
The 1st two Terminators. (Third one was ok but not in the same league)
All Three Matrix films.
All the Robocop films.
All the Babylon 5 films.
(Probably others, but these are the 1st that sprung to mind)

17th June 2007, 18:22
Some that aren't listed that I enjoyed:

Silent Running
Bruce Dern commits murder in order to save the last bio domes in space storage.

The Black Hole
Saw it about a year ago. Not too bad for a Disney picture.

Total Recall
Another classic Arnie movie "Get your arse to Mars".

18th June 2007, 14:03
Those were definitely three great films.

Silent Running has to be one of the greatest at generating such emotional connection with the robots in a film. The bit when he runs the robot over in the buggy still gets me, as does the end with the single robot left floating through space tending the plants.

Total Recall. That is a great film and one of my favourite Sci-Fi Arnie films. May disregard Arnie as just a meat head but he's made some great sci fi films over the years.

And the Black Hole was a favourite of mine when I was young. I saw that at the cinema when I was six and still remember thinking how cool Maximilian was with his killer spinning blades. And Vincent and Bob were great robots. You can definitely see the impact R2D2 and C3P0 had on movie creators at the time, trying to emulate some human elements within the robots of the film.

21st June 2007, 21:48
Picking just 10 fantastic sci-fi movies is gonna be hard, but I guess I will give it a go.

In no particular order:

Alien3 (Sorry to say this but I find that Aliens is just way too generic to be a really stunning movie, whereas Alien3 really went back to its roots and shook the whole genre up again - its just a shame about all the politics that went on backstage)

Tron (Simply everything that a great sci-fi movie should be. A great story, accompanied with mind-blowing (for the time) effects and a good guy the public can sympathise with (Who doesnt feel that we all get shafted by our superiors every now and again))

Dark City (Everything that The Matrix aspired to be, with great casting and excellent effects and a throughly immerfsive story. Keifer Sutherland was excellently creepy as the doctor and Richard O'Brien just delivered so well)

Pitch Black (What a great looking movie, with simple effects that translate so well on the screen. No clever cgi just filters and lighting to give a truly parched and desolate landscape. A great vehicle for Mark Vincent and certainly a great bad guy you can love)

eXistenZ (Love this film, almost feels like the ideal candidate for a console game. Probably not the greatest sci-fi movie but i can watch this again and again. Cronenberg comes into his own when given the free reign to do what he does best. Maybe he should direct the next Alien movie)

Strange Days (Another one of those lesser films that for me really do stand out as being that little bit better than the pap aimed at the mass-market. A great film about the illegal trade in stolen memories. With a great cast and a number of wonderful scientific ideas, it really does tantalise the imagination with what the future could hold)

Race Against Time (Now this is a film that I don't imagine too many people have seen. It is the story about what would happen if suicide was made legal and large corporations were ruthless enough to take advantage of that fact. This movie goes on my highly-recommended list. Perhaps a little-over clever and over-the-top storyline-wise... but good, nevertheless)

Santa Clause Conquers The Martians (Sorry, but I just love this film... It is so bad it makes Plan 9 look like an Oscar-winner. Its too hard to describe, I would suggest just tracking it down and watching it... But please, don't expect it to make much sense...)

The Iron Giant (Another outing for the great Mark Vincent (providing the awesome voice of the robot) and an excellent film, to boot. Very mature and very witty. I guess this is the only fully animated movie to make it into my top 10 sci-fi movies)

The Star Wars Saga (I tried to do this list without including any of the Star Wars movies... but I failed. But hopefully the other movies in this list more than make up for it)

As you can see, the films I have listed tend not to be included in other lists, primarily because I tend to avoid films that hype themselves up something rotten. Hence no Matrix (Mind you, I hated it anyway) or Chronicles of Riddick (Pitch Black being a sleeper). I hope this list has been of interest, and perhaps persuaded you to try a few films that are not on the beaten track.


21st June 2007, 22:01
Some interesting choices there. I've not seen a couple of them but the rest are all definitely worth seeing. Dark City is especially good and reminded me of another film I forgot to mention in my list, The Thirteen Floor. Have you seen it?

The only film on your list that I didn't think much of was eXistenZ. I remember being quite bored watching it a few years ago.

2nd July 2007, 22:12
My all time favourite has to be the one that's already been mentioned in this thread:

The Empire Strikes Back

Great dialogue, great chemistry between the characters, excellent stuff.

Recently, I've also seen Children of Men, which was a pretty haunting tale. Highly recommended.

Demon Cleaner
2nd July 2007, 22:18
Just read about Children of Men, it got very good reviews, will have to watch it. Also Casshern (from Japan) is well made with some great action scenes.

7th July 2007, 15:16
Not a film, but a visual feast with a sci-fi setting. The animated Aeon Flux series.

7th July 2007, 16:07
The Aeon Flux series is very strange and fascinating. Very perverse creator too! I've not seen the film based on the series. Was it any good?

7th July 2007, 23:32
The movie was ok, not the most awesome thing, still cool though. Went along the lines of the matrix