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11th June 2007, 12:24
The UK company www.svp.co.uk are currently doing a good deal on blank Verbatim 16x DVD-R (Taiyo Yuden).

If you purchase a Box of 200 discs from them using Google Checkout then you currently get a 10 discount, so with the discount the discs only cost 29.99 + Delivery.

A pretty good price considering I've seen other places selling tubs of 100 Verbatim's for nearly that price.

I just ordered some myself as I couldn't pass up on that price. Has anyone else here used Google Checkout yet? It was very quick and easy to register with them and the Checkout account ties into your main Google Account. It seemed much easier that Paypal to use too.

Google definitely seem to be slowly adding every aspect of the internet into their portfolio and it is good being able to log into the single Google Account and see all of their different facilities in one area. What next? Googlebay?

12th June 2007, 04:32
Shh...:shhh:they might be listening! :unsure:

Demon Cleaner
12th June 2007, 05:53
Hopefully not Googlemiggy ;)

12th June 2007, 09:44
Google definitely seem to be slowly adding every aspect of the internet into their portfolio and it is good being able to log into the single Google Account and see all of their different facilities in one area. What next? Googlebay?

GBay surely?

Seriously though, I'm not sure about using all Google's services. I use their email service and I'm a bit reluctant to use some of the others, as the more you do the better idea they have of who you are. I feel at least if my services are spread out between several different companies then they've each got only part of the details.

12th June 2007, 09:46
Something to hide Alex? ;)

Demon Cleaner
12th June 2007, 09:58
I still only use Google to search the internet, don't use another service. Only thing are maybe the spreadsheets.

12th June 2007, 10:50
I use Google for a lot of different things these days. Most of them are related to Website tools though and a lot are used with the site.

I use:

Webmaster Tools - The main Google Maps site - Auto submit a site map to Google once a week to direct search bots to new pages and so they don't miss out any areas of the site. Also improves site keyword logging with Google.
AdSense - For revenue based Google adverts on the site.
AdWords - Currently not in use, but if the revenue from AdSense adverts returns enough revenue I might set it so that the income from Google Adverts pay for AdWords to advertise the site in featured adverts in Google Search results. :)
Analytics - For Statistics logging for the site.
Co-Op - I've not explored this properly yet, but it allows you to create your own search engine using Google search technology. I thought it might be useful to create our own custom Amiga Google search engine to be featured on the site. I know there already exists an Amiga search engine created using Co-Op so I am going to see if we can link into it and become a developer. I'm sure the current guy trying to work on the project will be glad of some help.
Docs and Spreadsheets - For the site's logging spreadsheets.
Maps - Google Maps API - Originally used for the main site's Geo Community component, now used for the forum's "Where do you live" and "Events" maps.
Web History - This is a cool new search history logger. It logs all of your main keyword searches you performed on Google. While some may not like this idea as they don't want Google to know your search trends, it is useful for me as while developing and searching a lot of sites for information I can often lose a site I found useful. This Web History means I can lookup my search history from any computer, not just the one I did the original search on. And you can always log out of your Google account if you don't want it logging some more "sensitive" searches. ;)
Google Earth - I think we have all used this at some point. Just interesting to explore.
Google Checkout - Similar to Paypal, but easier to use. I can see this taking over from Paypal (outside of ebay) as an online payment system very soon.
Google Code - This is sometimes useful as it contains a lot of information and code snippets for online development.

New Google services that look interesting:

Base - This is a new thing that looks interesting so I signed up to it, but not sure what to use it for now! :lol: It lets you add any type of content items to your own "Base" which are then searchable via the Google Base (also appear in main Google searches).

Services I don't use:

GMail - I did sign up to this originally on launch but was instantly put off from using it due to Google stating they will keep all of your emails for as long as they want for "research". I also don't use Webmail of any type any longer now that my main email server has a webmail facility built in so I can access my main email accounts from anywhere.

There are a lot more useful services on Google that are useful. Don't forget that Google now own YouTube too so you are using a Google service there. Translate is a new Google version of the Babelfish translater. Picasa is a nice free image orgamising and editing package,

13th June 2007, 15:22
I use google image search often :dry: