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Demon Cleaner
7th June 2007, 20:55
Do you know this game?? It's called Master of Monsters: Legend of Gaia and it's for the PSX. It looks quite good, seems to be a tactical RPG. I cannot find a d/l though.


7th June 2007, 21:53
I think the PSX version is actually called Master of Monsters - Disciples of Gaia and is a sequel to the Genesis/Megadrive original which I think is MoM - Legend of Gaia.


Based on reviews however the PSX sequel is meant to be very bad and is one reason I never bothered getting hold of a copy. Here is the Gamespot entry. (http://uk.gamespot.com/ps/strategy/masterofmonsters/index.html)

Looking at the screenshots I remember reading a review years ago in Edge magazine and they gave it 2 or 3 out of 10 I think. It does interest me though and could be an OK game, and missing a strategy RPG on the PSX isn't good. Maybe the UG US PSX M set has the game? Could just select it from the torrent if so.

Demon Cleaner
8th June 2007, 00:05
Ha, that is funny. I entered the name with Disciples at least 20 times this day, and when I write a topic about it, I write Legend. That's surely because of the Legend of Legaia RPG.

I see, reviews are bad, but nonetheless, worth a d/l.