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23rd May 2007, 01:59
Has anyone else seen Hostel?

I finally got to see it on TV tonight and initially I thought it wasn't going to amount to much more than a lot of very nice nude scenes, as the first half of the film is very slow and not that interesting, but then the torture scenes started and it got a lot more interesting and some of them generated a very realistic sense of feeling sick.

Quite realistic scenes of gore and torture I have to say, although some of the later bits were a bit unrealistic such as the eyeball hanging out of the girls head (that he had to cut off with some scissors) or the exploding body in front of the train. Other than that the last half of the film was pleasingly graphic for my liking! :nogood:

Not that great, but quite graphic in parts.

23rd May 2007, 07:19
yea pass on that. Not really into that kind of thing.

23rd May 2007, 13:50
Meh, Eli Roth is a terrible director and an arrogant prick. Both CABIN FEVER and HOSTEL were lame imitations/rip-off's of better films. As much as I hate to admit it though, I do have to give him credit for having Ruggero Deodato, Luc Merenda, and my all time favorite hottest woman ever, Edwige Fenech in HOSTEL 2. I may just sneak into the theatre to see it (I'll be damned if Roth is getting any or my money).

23rd May 2007, 15:11
I refuse to watch that stuff as I'm a horror wuss.:no:

23rd May 2007, 15:28
No way. Horror films are great. It makes it more fun if you start off watching some of the very cheesy and unrealistic films from the 70's though. I much admit that some of the more recent horror films have taken the realism a little bit too far.

What about horror based games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill? Do you play those?

23rd May 2007, 15:32
Oh yeah Survival Horror is one of my favourite genreas and I love the resident evil series. But watching a film with real actors getting sliced up with spleen removal etc doesnt do it for me!:sick:

Me and my mates as teenagers had a Resident Evil 2 night, completing it for the first time. One of my best gaming memmories.

23rd May 2007, 15:46
Was disappointed myself.
Best horror film I have seen for a while was the remake of the Hills have Eyes.

Demon Cleaner
23rd May 2007, 15:57
Hostel was not so great, it was boring for the first entire hour, then it had some good torture scenes, but all in all, the film was rather average. But I watched Death Tunnel yesterday, and gave up after 40 minutes, definitely waste of time.

23rd May 2007, 16:50
I agree with you regarding the first half of Hostel. I started to wonder where the horror element of the film was as it was quite slow and boring. The only good part is the last section from the torture chamber scenes onwards. But I think it is worth watching for those bits alone if you are a horror fan due to the realism of most of the torture sequences.

*** warning for the squeamish here, the following paragraph is quite descriptive ***

I have to mention the girl with the eye sticking out of the socket again though as that did ruin the realism of the film a bit. It just didn't look real and did look like a false eye stuck onto her face. The yellow fluid flowing out after he cut the eye out via the stalk was quite a nice gross touch though and not a scene to watch will eating.

23rd May 2007, 19:44
the very cheesy and unrealistic films from the 70's though.

CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, LAST HOUSE ON DEAD END STREET, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, THE HILLS HAVE EYES, etc. I can't imagine people saying those films didn't have a realistic edge to them. They were gritty, ugly, violent, sadistic, and not stocked with perfect and buff actors/actresses like most every film nowadays.

Demon Cleaner
23rd May 2007, 23:04
I have Last House on the Left, that was Wes Craven's first movie. I wish I could have seen it in 1972, at that time it must have been even more violent and sadistic.

24th May 2007, 10:22
I think that is true of many films (the same with games). Experiencing them at their time of release is much more powerful than they seem later.