View Full Version : Bitmap books - From Ants to Zombies: Six Decades of Video Game Horror

Demon Cleaner
31st October 2023, 17:33
I didn't know this book was existing, just got a mail that it's in stock now so I ordered one as it looks quite interesting.


1st November 2023, 14:48
Just released. I've ordered it too. All their books have been great so far, with amazing detail to both the content and the quality of the book materials and build.

1st November 2023, 22:05
It does look good, and I like the A-Z (ant to zombies) title. These look like the sort of book that I'd appreciate, but my house is full of junk already and I don't want to add more.... plus I'm skint.

Kin Hell
4th November 2023, 09:50
Those BitMap books are really great for the collector society..... :shades:

6th November 2023, 12:23
My copy arrived yesterday. Not had chance to unpack it yet. Will upload some images of the book once I do.

@Kin. That they are. So well made and such high quality. Beilliant reference books for anyone playing games via emulation too.